Sunday, March 22, 2009

I shouldn't sweat it. Living undercovers.

Keep listenign to saves the day, putting me in such a good mood. I love my mom. I have the greatest friends. Kathleen collected a bunch of teeny sea shells from florida for me. Stole an ill book called "US COOKBOOK" it's a smal collection of serial killer profiles and it lists what their last meals were on death row, it's amazing, i'll scan some in tomorrow maybe and show you some of the guys, one picked just an ICECREAM CONE. Comon' summer, you know you want to show your face soon...

Things that are good:


+going upsate this weekend

+ Tattoo scheduel set, completion date MAY 2ND. AFTER 3 SESSIONS OW.

+Kathleen coming homeeee.

+getting a $600 check this week from working every minute. making that guap.

+Quicksand's cover of "How Soon is Now"

+currently reading "THE WALL" by Hersey, so gooood.

+my hair

+happy surprises

+free things

+Punching bags, all sizes. New ring being built at the boxing gym.

+we just gotta take our time

Things that are bad:


-the entire month of May

-it's shitty cold outside

-my feets smell

I'm really happy. Nothing really matters in the long run. I just want to make my mom proud and live good, help change the prison system, and keep being choosey about who I let in my life, I like getting to know tons of people, it's a fun thing to do, but people that I really want around for the "know you like the back of my hand" moments? not too many make the cut.


danielle said...

you are so cute. saves the day and books about serial killers rule.

Nikki Ashton said...

i wish we could hang more.
blahhhhh. stupit long distance.

Lily said...

my birthday is in may

sunjuice said...

this weekend+you=life saving