Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She took him to the lake

In between class today I went to B&N and picked up two book gems.

Hi I love you already.

I know, I know. I'm sort of humiliated that I would even glance at this book seriously but I skimmed it and thought I'd give it a try. Well I was embarrassed buying it too but at least it was paired with my Criminal of Poverty book that has a little more substace....SO I GET the book in my hands and start reading. My mind was blown the HUGE dating mistakes i'm guilty of were thrown in my face and I honestly can say i'm a changed woman. No more wondering. If a guy i'm into is making me wonder, then he probably is just not that into me. I then go on to read all night through my STATISTICS class, on the train, and finsih it at home tonight. Here are some key quotes:

"So if a guy you're dating doesn't call when he says he's going to, why should that be such a big deal? Because you should be dating a man who's at least as good as his word"

"No answer IS your answer"

"Don't waste the pretty"

And just a general idea...that men will go after what they want, intensely, and if he's not going after it that hard, he's just not that into you.


I took my first boxing class. I'm hooked. Punching guys and doing pushups on medicine balls and being light on your toes...amazing. Hey, I'm not having sex, I'm not being very aggressive at all lately, I need SOMETHIGN to get out the energy besides baking cupcakes and learning about social stereotypes/prisons/psychology experiments and being on time for everything.

I'm seriously considerig buying my own pair of gloves. Thought about baby pink but then i saw some with zebra stripes sooo.... i dunno.

i'm addicted to iced tea and my ipod. I submitted another poem for my poetry workshop class. I have to read it out loud. Here it is. I acutally like it.

Dusty Martini

The Vodka on the table
smells like the sour part of apple skin
and the sweet of gasoline

bracelets are like rings of bone
dipping up and down your arm
as you speak with your hands

my fondest memories of my grandmother
are dirty pearls
looking like old teeth in the soap dish

she is a porcelain log in such a dead forest

I sleep really hard lately.
I don't want to go to work

here's some of the song i'm listening to right now....

I'm awake
It was a half bad dream
That was way too long
My whole life it seemed
That someone started digging me up
Turned my headstone into dust

The sun was swallowed by the trees
The night was here for good
You pulled my hand and my head up
You put oxygen into my blood
You walked me through the gates like we were visitors for the day
You laid me down in the back seat
And you drove till I woke up to hear you say

You never lie but it's no fun to tell the truth
I guess I never loved but I will see what I can do
Got so much life to waste that I would take my days and hand them to you


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