Monday, January 5, 2009

There is no such thing as a bad coincidence

Today after work I stood in line at the Post Office in Time's Square so that I could send a teeny package to a boy in wb. Looking at the address made me laugh a little bit to myself, am I really circling back and dating someone from my home town again? Regardless, I keep tellinng myself it'll probably be nothing, but talks on the phone and texts to wake me up saying good morning and the pictures of hearts and the nicest things he says...I can't help but maybe hope this is the start of somethign different, something I didn't see coming, something that could change things.

who knows what will happen? nobody.

the weirdest part is like 4 days before I started involving myself with him I was talking to Kathleen on the couch and I said "I feel like the next person I'm serious with will be the last person I'd expect it to be" crazzzaaaaay.

My room is a mess. I'm always tired. Working mad hours over break.

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