Wednesday, December 17, 2008

good and gooder

Hey Nikki-- Will you be in NYC over the break? I've come up with a
3rd study for a paper i'm working on that looks at the influence of threat on
mind attribution and i think maybe we could do it by having a person be a
released prisoner in one condition and an imprisoned prisoner in the other. I
would love to get it done over the break (maybe the last week) and I was
thinking I could pay you to run subjects for me off of my grant.....

Dr. K

Megan N. Kozak, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology
Pace University

oh my god. dude. i just peed my pants!! paid to work with prison/psych shit and i'm not even a grad student. no fucking way cant wait.

oh and my college bill for this semester is FIVE DOLLARS. WTFFFF.

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