Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not at the end but, already won.


I wanted to do this recap for my own memory benefit, I'm doing it now since I'm gonna be a busy lady with Kelsey + Danielle visiting to do christmasy-stuff, then one last final, then heading to Wb for a week.

I thought of all the bad things fom 2009, and then I decided I won't mention them because I'm trying to focus on the good right? ha. okay So the great moments of 2009:

Starting off in January!!!!!

-Very First boxing class. - Speaking to 3 men on death row over the phone in a covert interview process conducted through Pace University, being exposed to mad facts about the death penalty. -There was this moment where Lily was meeting me in Manhattan and she had just been traveling from Philly, and when I got off the train underground to transfer I knew with every cell in my body I would run into her on the transfer train's platform, I remember walking down the stairs and looking down the whole tunnel to see if I could see her and there she was and I literally sprinted to her all the way at the end. I haven't had an intuition feeling like that since, I just knew she'd be standing there. - Started my half sleeve. - Got IRB governmental approval for my study on the first try. That application is like 30 pages long!! - Took a three hour train along the hudson river to visit Lindsey in upstate NY, made breakfast with her every morning, sang Saves The Day songs in her bedroom as if we were 15 again. - Saw Alkaline Trio!!! - Walked around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens all day with reen and kimmy, realized I want to get married there. - Me and Kathleen went to celebrate Sagen's birthday at Eldridge and we got to party with Mariah Carey and see her sit 6 feet away from us singing along to her own songs the DJ was playing. - Seeing Title Fight play in a garage duing a thunderstorm. - John Slaby, going to a lame graduation party and having him randomly be there, and us hanging out for a whole week straight after that, not sleeping for that entire week, having my first camping trip at Lake Jean, Coney Island, Brooklyn Aquarium, him taking me to my first pro baseball game, us eating hot dogs, his art shows, camping in an art gallery in Baltimore, him taking care of me after that horrendous burn, playing catch and basketball at Hamilton park, falling insanely in love with him. -Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, my first plane ride. Defending America, drinking REAL whiskey, Scottish breakfasts, sitting at the top of a tiny mountain in the center of the capital city with Lindsey and Jeppy. Learning that I really only care about places because of the people in them. - Steps Falls jumping off of cliffs with WB kids and LI boyz. - Meeting purely wonderful girls and getting to know them: Katie, Danielle, Kels, etc.- Hanging with Bobby some while he lived in NYC, Him getting published in the NY Times. - Eating BBQ with Laura and walking around in a downpour - Nude beach trip with dogpound dudes BFF Jaycox. - Turning 22, seeing the museum of natural history. - Finishing applying to Graduate School.

This year can be summed up with a few of the following songs:

"The show is over, the audience get up to leave their seats, time to collect their coats and go home. They turn around, no more coats and no more home."

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