Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You were knocking me down with the palm of your eye.

I cleaned everything I didn't need out of my room. Six garbage bags later: full of pictures of people I never really knew, things, clothes, papers, tests, broken jewelry, and old notebooks i couldnt believe how easy it was to just toss so many things I used to love and "save". I always thought I was a "saver", apparently i'm not...just in my head I guess. I hold onto memories of people and tiny things they said and in some way still hold them to things even years after I don't really know them anymore. I think i save and hold onto so much in my head that doing the same with the physical stuff just seems dumb.  

Kathleen comes home on Sunday.

My good friend Bobby got published in the New York Times recently. He's been interning there all summer, basically homeless, writing for them all day and night. He was on the front page of one of their sections in the sunday paper, we went out for a drink a few weeks ago and talked about how we've changed since we graduated highschool. We of course made fun of eachother, talked about the things we've gone trough etc...Bobby and I have had similar issues with our families, or lack there of.  We laughed and talked about how wild it was we were both in New York at this moment having done everything for ourselves, from scratch, with no help, no boost, no parental guidance on the issues of college, rent, finding a job, and getting what you want. It was really a party for two celebrating the fun in having nothing and creating everything for yourself. He, as a virtual homeless orphan who used to get in trouble everyday in middle school, is now published in the fucking New York Times. 

I miss my sister. I want to try to save up next summer to take her on a real vacation, she's never really gone on one with me or my mom, I want the three of us to have a real trip together, if I save up as much as I did this year for Scotland I can afford for the three of us to go to a really cool spot. 

School in two weeks.
Fresh grapefruit juice makes me feel like a hundred bucks.
I take the Graduate Record Exam on Oct. 6th. Send out all my applications at the end of November, then the next five years is in the hands of the Psychology departments various Nyc and Philly grad schools.  

This past weekend I went with John G. Slaby to Baltimore where two of his paintings (one of which is the cover of the title fight album!) were in a show. We didn't have anywhere to stay so the people let us sleep in the gallery. He set up a tent and even though Baltimore is a pretty boring place it was definitely one of the highlights of the summer. I have memories of walking around with a bottle of Tequila in my shorts yelling about hackysacks at some venue before we went back to the gallery and camped out. He's the best.

I worked sooo much this summer and spent many hours at school. It's all worth it. 

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