Sunday, July 5, 2009

and like a ghost i'll be gone

was home for the last few days. My mom is a mess and I feel helpless because I usually can make her better and right now I cant. Surprisingly the fourth of July has been incredibly amazing. Its been me, Jesse, Brendan, and Slaby for the last few days (along with perfect hangouts with Katie at lake Jean) and it was such a great crew. Sweet Treet every morning for breakfast, I've been getting tons of sleep and I forgot what it was like not to work my life away everday. It's really fucking nice. For the first time in three years Wilkes-Barre felt like home and today I head back to the NYC to get tattood and continue on with the work week. Gonna enroll in a GRE preporatory class and start making TO DO lists on my busride back. I can't believe at the end of the month I'm leaving the country with one of my best friends to visit our third muskateer currently posted up in Scotland. I'm gonna be broke in August and it's finally stopped raining. My friends mean the world to me.

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